How to Submit Your Manuscript to Rainbow Books, Inc.

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What We Publish:

Nonfiction: Self-help / how-to books on almost any subject

Fiction: Cozy murder mysteries

Your Book Query Should Include:

  • A one-page synopsis of the book
  • No more than three sample chapters
  • A chapter-by-chapter outline
  • Number and description of photos or illustrations
  • Author’s background and credentials, including previous publications, if applicable
  • Word count and number of printed pages (double spaced on 8½ x 11 paper = 250 words/page)
  • A self-addressed and stamped return mailer (Media Mail shipments may NOT include any correspondence)
  • Your email address

Materials Should Be Submitted to:

Editorial Department

Rainbow Books, Inc.

P. O. Box 430

Highland City, FL 33846-0430 USA


We do not accept UPS- or FedEx-delivered queries. Please use the U.S. Postal Service, and if you would like confirmation that we have received your materials, request USPS delivery confirmation when mailing.


Note: If you would prefer to submit your query by email, you may do so; however, we will not download or read any file attachments.

Thank you for helping us review your material in an orderly fashion. You may find the downloadable file below helpful in your quest for publication.

From Manuscript to Printed Page: How to Get Published

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